Cheers to 20 Years, PRII!

After commissioning in 1998 and commencement of commercial operation in January 1999, PRII celebrates its 20-year historical milestone in the industry.

Since it started operations, PRII has kept a steady momentum to sustain its leadership in the Philippine domestic PVC resin manufacturing business, supplying to almost 70% of the market. Today, PRII continues to be steered by a truly committed management leadership and highly trained and competent employees, maintaining the drive to push the business to new heights amidst strong competition not only in the region but also across the world.

With a compact manpower complement of just around 120, PRII has successfully built its foundation on professionalism, efficiency, trust, pride, passion and commitment, offering prime products and services to its customers, partners and stakeholders, who are also behind the company’s triumph over the years.

After two decades of progress in the industry, PRII continues to look at the future with more opportunities for its employees, the community and its loyal business partners.  


Philippine Resins Industries, Inc. (PRII), was established in May 1994. The company is 20% owned by Mitsubishi Corporation and 80% owned by Tosoh Corporation and is engaged in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) production and sales. PRII’s head office is in Makati City, the Philippines.