Going on the Right Track with the Philippine Competition Act

On July 24, 2019, Philippine Resins Industries, Inc.(PRII) organized a refresher information campaign to apprise concerned employees on new developments to the Philippine Competition Act (PCA) which, after its enactment in 2015, only became effective in 2017. While the company has already firmed up its compliance policy guidelines, the campaign is still part of its ongoing efforts to strengthen company compliance. Joined by its sister companies, Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation and Tosoh Polyvin Corporation, PRII also invited other petrochemical companies and business partners like customers, suppliers and contractors.

The forum was graced by one of the Commissioners of the Philippine Competition Commission who discussed pertinent provisions of the law and provided practical guidance, particularly on business conducts and engagements that may impact companies. The Commissioner highlighted that even though the PCA is still a relatively new enactment, it adopts various policy approaches that takes into account consumer welfare without compromising the needs of expanding businesses. 

After the 3-hour session, new learnings and clearer insights about the law were gained by the participants which provided feedback for Commissioner Asuncion as well as the respective companies.

PCA briefing 2.JPG

(Participants of the refresher information campaign)


Philippine Resins Industries, Inc. (PRII), was established in May 1994. The company is 20% owned by Mitsubishi Corporation and 80% owned by Tosoh Corporation and is engaged in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) production and sales. PRII’s head office is in Makati City, the Philippines.