PRII Kickstarts its Second Line (Train 2) PVC Plant


After 22 months and 2.8 million man-hours without Lost Time Accident, the first test batches of PR-1000 were charged into Train 2 reactors on June 11, 2019. This was the culmination of the PRII 2nd line expansion project which began in August 2017. The Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) was contracted with JNC Engineering, the same firm who also undertook the PRII Train 1 EPC in 1997-1998. JNCE tapped a local company, Aboitiz Construction Inc., to handle the civil, electrical and mechanical works. Under a PVC License and Technical Assistance Agreement with Tosoh Corporation, PVC Plant and Process Specialists from Tosoh were present to provide assistance to PRII on the supervision of the day-to-day site works, including the factory acceptance tests of major equipment/facilities. PRII Project Team comprised of select PRII engineers from Maintenance, Production and Technical was also created to handle numerous local projects such as water facilities, rice hull boiler and many others.  Other departments likewise extended assistance in the other required administrative works.

The Train 2 plant is designed to bring total PRII PVC production capacity to 210 KMT per year. The process flow is the same, but the Reactors, Stripping Tower and Dryer have improved capacities compared to their Train 1 counterparts. The successful performance test in August 2019 signaled the final completion of the project with target production rate and quality criteria attained.  With the successful operation of Train 2, PRII is poised to regain the PVC market share lost to imported products and is closer to the dream of making the Philippines self-sufficient in terms of PVC Supply.

Congratulations and thanks to the shareholders, contractors, business partners and the men and women of PRII who contributed their efforts in making the 2nd line PVC expansion project a reality. 

Contact: Ms. Marlene L. Arcenas.


Philippine Resins Industries, Inc. (PRII), was established in May 1994. The company is 20% owned by Mitsubishi Corporation and 80% owned by Tosoh Corporation and is engaged in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) production and sales. PRII’s head office is in Makati City, the Philippines.