About PRII

To be a key competitive player in the region within the next decade by producing and selling high quality PVC resins, making a significant contribution to the Philippine economy.

We, at PRII, are committed to undertake continuous efforts in delivering optimum returns and best value to our shareholders, the community and the country by utilizing safe and environment-friendly processes, being fully responsive to customer requirements and promoting the well-being of our employees.

Corporate Values
As individual aspirations find place in PRII’s vision and mission, we shall pursue the company’s goals with unrelenting personal commitment, guided by the values and principles of Excellence, Teamwork, Entrepreneurship, Integrity and Responsibility.

Under a pioneering status granted by the Board of Investments, Philippine Resins Industries, Inc. (PRII) started-up its state-of-art suspension-type polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin manufacturing facility in Mariveles, Bataan, Philippines in January 1999. Since then, it has sustained a stable supply of high quality raw materials that are used by a multitude of industries, for a variety of products for day-to-day living. This is matched with just-in-time delivery, reliable after-sales service, and continuous collaborative product development efforts with customers.

With its current capacity of 210,000 to 220,000 metric tons of PVC per year, PRII is able to supply a significant portion of the total PVC demand of local PVC product manufacturers, continues to help sustain and maximize growth in Philippine markets and expand PVC consumption of domestic industries.

Under the current ownership structure, with Tosoh Corporation at 80% and Mitsubishi Corporation at 20%, the company aims to move forward by further expanding its operation and ultimately achieve its vision of making a difference not only in the Bataan community but in the overall Philippine economy and society.