PVC offers several advantages over traditional packaging materials such as glass and paper.

PRII_packaging.bmpPVC is an excellent material for packaging because it is safe, sturdy, economical, easily manufactured and environmentally responsible. Aside from being lightweight and shatter-resistant, PVC has excellent organoleptic properties, good barrier properties, good clarity and good cost performance. It is used in cap seals, shrink films, bottles, labels and blister packs for medicines.

PVC meets a demanding range of health and safety standards established by numerous agencies including the US Food and Drug Administration, The Sanitation Foundation, the National Fire Protection Association, the Consumer Products Safety Commission and a number of building codes. This record of safety is the reason why the medical field continues to use PVC as the material of choice for its many lifesaving medical devices. Up to now, testing is still being done all over the world to address new standards and new concerns as they develop. PVC provides a higher, safer standard of health care while keeping down costs.