Medical Applications

PVC is critical in making many medical lifesaving products

PVC meets a demanding range of health and safety standards established by numerous agencies including the US Food and Drug Administration, The Sanitation Foundation, the National Fire Protection Association, the Consumer Products Safety Commission and a number of building codes. This record of safety is the reason why the medical field continues to use PVC as the material of choice for its many lifesaving medical devices. Up to now, testing is still being done all over the world to address new standards and new concerns as they develop.

PVC is critical in making many medical lifesaving products such as blood bags, heart catheters, IV tubing, liquid/blood transfusion sets, artificial lung apparatus and artificial kidneys, surgical gloves and blister packaging for pharmaceuticals. PVC provides a higher, safer standard of health care while keeping down costs.

PVC is used in healthcare settings as well because it is easy to clean and keep sterile. It is hardwearing and warm underfoot. Its tough smooth surfaces won't harbor air pollutants and allergens. It is inert and not toxic, and does no more to degrade indoor air quality than any other interior products in a space.