Films and Sheets

Flexible PVC covers myriad industries.

PRII_tents.bmpWhen plasticizers are added to PVC, it becomes elastic/flexible. This comes as a result of the plasticizers coming between PVC molecules to separate them, reducing intermolecular forces. With the rubber-like elasticity and pliable texture obtained, flexible PVC is used for packaging, hoses, automobile parts, synthetic leather and surfaces. Likewise, the viscoelastic behavior of molten PVC, which is less dependent on temperature and is stable, make it suitable for calendering of wide films and sheets (e.g. agricultural films and PVC leather).

General applications for films and sheets include laminated products, vehicle applications, agricultural films, artificial leather and such consumer products as tarpaulins, linoleums, shower curtains, book covers, table mats, car mats, leatherette and outdoor tents. Laminated products include printed plywood, PVC laminated steel plates, printed films for interior finishing, printed sheets for exterior finishing, theater walls, stores exterior wall, doors surface, piano surface, and non-woven fabrics.

PVC is also vital in agriculture for green house gardening such as for vegetables, fruits, paddy and tobacco. Artificial leather applications include wall covering, vehicle seats, upholstery, furniture, baggage, bags, garments and stationery.