Community Relations

Responding to the needs and concerns of the community it serves.

PRII continues to do its share in the uplifting of people's lives through training and capability building, active participation in community projects, health programs and livelihood assistance. PRII's presence provides employment and skills development to the community at large. It invests in people, contributing to their social and professional developments.

Among the other projects undertaken by the company for the community are:

  • Emergency response planning, assistance and reviews.

  • Series of public forums and discussions regarding the facilities, operations, products, safety and health programs.

Bataan Coastal Care Foundation Activities

PRII is also one of the prime-movers of the Bataan Coastal Care Foundation (BCCF). The BCCF acts as a catalyst and provides counterpart funding for the Bataan Integrated Coastal Management Program to build better coastal governance, explore ways for a dynamic and sustainable public-private partnerships in environmental management, increase awareness, and promote community participation in coastal resources management.

The foundation is responsible for such successful projects as:

  • Kontra Kalat sa Dagat - A coastal clean-up drive along the shorelines of Bataan

  • Mangrove reforestation - To help rehabilitate and restore sea-based resources and habitats, to sustain and enhance productivity of the coastal system of Bataan

and other livelihood programs and assistance in the preparation of coastal and land use zoning program.

Other Activities

PRII has also been a regular supporter of the annual celebration of the “Pawikan Festival,” aimed at creating heightened awareness on the importance of saving endangered turtles. PRII’s employees have regularly participated in the "Walk for a Cause" going to the coastal area where turtle hatchlings are released to the sea. Local communities, the youth, school children, as well as public and private agencies actively participating in this annual event.